Napoleon CATALOG



Our Corporate Vision

To be the leading distributor of wine in Albania and in the Balkan region – creating superior value for all tiers of the industry.


Our Mission

Providing excellent business solutions that foster growth and value for customers through our national and regional scale, while respecting and honoring the French tradition of the wine culture.



We aim for superior quality and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business, with a commitment towards increasing customer satisfaction.



A.W.S.D. has quickly gained national recognition as a wine and spirit distributor and it is known for its commitment to delivering the highest standards of customer service and creative marketing programs and partnerships. Founded in Albania in 2008, A.W.S.D. derived from a close collaboration with the Cortes Agency in Haute Garon, France. For over 30 years, the Cortes Agency has been a representative of many large wine and champagne producers for the region of Haut Garone, South East France. One of the members of this Cortes family, Mr. Ilirian Mulla, came to Albania and created its own branch of the Cortes Agency, the A.W.S.D.

Today, A.W.S.D. operates in all of the main Albanian cities and since recently achieving distributing exclusivity from L.E.D.A. for the Balkan region, including Montenegro, Kosovo and F.Y.R.O.M, we are progressing on expanding our business in those countries as well.